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people in custody in connection with the crime. >> reporter: military style tanks rolled down seminary avenue near oakland as the alameda county s.w.a.t. team moved in to relieve police. police had been out here all night searching for a man related to an officer involved shooting. >> we're going to be out here until we have searched every last building. >> reporter: that meant combing through dozens of homes. a total of five men were in custody, two were arrested for parol violations another three were detained. >> we do believe that they had some type of connection when that shooting occurred. >> reporter: the officer was shot near an apartment building on 17th and seminary. he was working undercover investigating a shooting that had happened saturday night. >> reporter: the officer was
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confronted by a number of men. residents had limited access to home in the area. and frustration grew. >> and we're stuck. we've been here since 9:00 last night. >> reporter: other residents said they appreciated the police presence. >> i really feel it's a good thing in sense that police are make ago statement as far as we definitely want our community back. now some residents in the area where this crime happened told us they would like to see more search operations here. coming up we'll have more on their reaction and some of their criticism to the search at 6:00. live in oakland, alie rasmussen. protesters are starting to gather in connection with a meeting that starts an hour
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from now. ken pritchett is live to tell us about the city that's trying to hire a consultant. >> reporter: the city council is voting tonight whether to hire bratton as a consultant. but it's not a simple issue because the policies he put in cities is controversial. people say oakland has already rejected of them including curfews, stop and frisk. >> they violate people's fourth amendment rights. we've also seen racial profiling in the way it increases social profiling and policing. >> reporter: last week when the city's social -- the meeting was contentious. tonight as the full council votes on it the meeting may be
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more heated and could last into the early morning hours. as to the issue of stop and frisk, we were unable to contact any place. the sheriff released this letter which says any stop and frisk stop will not lead to racial profiling. police say they've made an arrest in a shooting and murder. the shooting happened just after midnight on maple street in the crocker amazon neighborhood. 43-year-old daniel colon and his cousin were walking home when he was shot and killed. colon died but his cousin survived. police have arrested seth bryan of san francisco. investigators are still asking anyone with information on the case to call police. it's been dry for a while now but some rain is finally on the way. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. >> we have rain in the forecast
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it shows up in the next 10 to 12 hours. we have the increasing clouds today. it's been two weeks since we've seen rain and we need it. you see this cloud cover increasing today. it's cloudy in san francisco and san jose and out toward brentwood. things are changing around. there's a lot of moisture coming up from the tropics that's a nice direction for a nice storm. the only thing that's missing with this storm is some strong dynamics. you can see some areas of precept showing up offshore. you're going to see here some green showing up offshore. i think you're going to see a little drizzle as well. the weather is changing, the rain is coming back after two weeks of absence. and temperatures they're going stay on the mild side. when i come back i'm going to give you the time line for this rain event. it will have an impact on the commute or a couple of commutes and we're looking at the five day forecast there's some rain drops in there as well. it's returning back to a winter
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weather pattern after a nice run of warm weather. and you can get live weather updates any time through your mobile device or by going to our website and clicking on the weather tap near -- weather tab near the top of the page. police are looking for two or three suspects involved in a robbery. the robbery happened near almond and expressway. robert handa tell us about this incident and another incident that happened in the neighborhood just hours before this one that left neighbors frightened. >> reporter: investigators describe the men as latino or pacific islanders. >> they tied up a 73-year-old man and 76-year-old female. they brandished weapons at them. they take several items of personal property belonging to those individuals. they make the get away in their
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cars. >> they're shaken up understandably and you're concerned about them. because you never know who it could happen to, it could have been our house. >> reporter: license plate 5si2960. the family of the victim's say the couple is very upset and that the other items stolen were mainly electronics and jewelry. police say the victims were not seriously injured but -- >> obviously our concern in this case is if these suspects decide to do a crime like this that they escalate their violent behavior and perhaps injure or kill somebody. >> reporter: some neighbors also point out another violent crime involving at least two attackers occurred in the same neighborhood just hours before this incident. >> an elderly man was dragged out of his car and beaten pretty badly. >> reporter: police are still investigating whether the two
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incidents were related. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a pedestrian is recovering after being hit by a nummi bus this morning. it happened in san francisco, it's not clear if the person was in the crosswalk when it happened. the person was taken to ucsf hospital and is expected to survive. the bus driver has been taken off driving duty during the investigation. an in santa clara county a jury today declared a man guilty for driving his suv into three people and killing two of them. jurors convicted 49-year-old armando ochoa of two counts of murder and one count of felony assault in the injury of a third person. prosecutors say ochoa was drunk and drove his vehicle into a sidewalk where it hit the three men. the mayor or rather a controlled burn at a vineyard in lake county turn into a fast moving wildfire today but we
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have just learned it is now 50% contained. the so called beck's fire at the red hills vineyard on highway 29 and kelseyville. firefighters say it has grown to 300 acres and is burning up steep terrain to the peak. the road going up mount connety has been closed most of the day. it is not clear when it will reopen. full containment is expected by tomorrow morning. federal investigators conducted tests on the 878. the fleet was grounded last week. the investigation found that the battery was not the problem. meanwhile today the dream liner flights between san jose and tokyo are cancelled at least through monday. eric holder and the governor of washington state
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met today to talk about marijuana. washington voters recently legalized marijuana and their governor wants to find a way to implement the state law without violating federal law. the governor called the meeting quote very satisfying although no details were made public. the obama administration has taken a tough stand on decriminalizing marijuana. what federal prosecutors vowing to continue arresting people for pot violations. the mayor of sacramento came out swinging with a new plan to try to stop the kings basketball team from moving to seattle. >> they do deserve an nba team at some point just not ours. >> flanked by a lot of fans in kings colors, mayor kevin johnson unveiled his plan to win strategy. major johnson says since last thursday 19 local donors and businesses have pledged $1 million each to become owners of the kings. he's also seeking a private
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equity partner. the current owner has reached an agreement with a group in in seattle to buy the kings. >> our backs are against the wall. they told us it wasn't going to happen. but each and every step along the way, as long as there's time on the clock our community always finds a way to stand for it. >> reporter: johnson's plan also includes a new downtown arena. a college shooting that injured three people began with an argument between two men. panicked students were seen running for cover at lone star college. authorities say there were two people shooting at each other on campus. they say one of the shooters got away possibly escaping into a near by development area. a fourth person was also hospitalized because of a heart attack during the incident. a mayor milestone, how people on both sides marked
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today's anniversary on abortion and the new plan that's in the works. >> and the new immigration poll on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the united states. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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today marks 40 years since the landmark ruling by the supreme court that legalized abortion. ktvu's rita williams spoke to people on both sides of the still controversial topic today and join us from san francisco with the two very different ways people marked today's milestone. >> reporter: that's right, let me show you a picture that i took of the then 26-year-old attorney on the day she argued that the u.s. supreme court for abortion rights in rowev. wade. it's now been 40 years and there's still strong emotions both for and against abortion. >> an abortion is not murder. break the chain. >> reporter: this small group
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calls itself stop pay treu i -- stop patriarchy met in front of city hall. other groups cautioned folks against taking abortion rights for granted. sofia yen says last year 19 states restricted access to abortion. >> my professors used to tell me about wards which would be 30 to 50 women at all times lying there dying from back alleys, self-induced abortions and all the physicians could do is sit there, hold their hands and pray. >> reporter: on this anniversary she stills of 53 million babies not born. >> what we believe is 60 years of legalized murder is sad so we're not celebrating. >> reporter: a faith based publisher in san francisco says abortion is never the best
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option. >> abortion is not needed. it is a matter of convenience for most women. >> reporter: now he's helping organize what is known as a walk for life. it following a pro-choice rally earlier that morning. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. supporters of abortion rights rallied in the bay area today. a group called the raging grannies were on hand at that gathering in los altos. people there vowed to do whatever they could to make abortion legal today. after the rally the group planned to march through the streets to bring attention to the views. people against abortion rights gathered outside the supreme court. by some accounts those opposed to abortion have shifted their focus now from changing federal laws to changing state laws.
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in fact, a proabortion rights group called the gut mocker institute reports that last year 19 states enacted some sort of restriction on abortion. and coming up at 5:30, president obama gave plenty of hints about his agenda for the next four years what one of his critics is saying and is there any sense of optimism? daryl stin eberg met with aids of joe biden to come up with how to deal with mental illness. >> let's build a national set of agencies that will prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering. >> reporter: signburg is urging the federal government to devote $10 million to help states accomplish additional mental state programs. debby shultz is staying at
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her postas the head of the national economy. congressmen reelected her today. the congresswoman gardenerred support from her party and president obama who last month said he wanted her to stay on. she was appointed to the postin 2011. a new survey finds more americans are now open to allowing citizenship for some illegal immigrants. the associated press gfk poll found 52% of americans favor allowing a path way to citizenship for immigrants who are already in the country. in 2010 just 50% of people polled ed felt that way. 22% more republicans now back the path to citizenship compared to how many did back in 2010. americas cup organizers are announcing a summer concert series that is soon to be built waterfront amphitheater. it'll be a temporary facility called the america's cup pavilion and will be on piers 27 and 29.
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the first headline act to be announced is sting set to perform on june 2nd. plans call for a wide range of events leading up to the america's cup in october. including concerts, family shows and race related events. it's not clear what will happen to the pavilion after that. air quality officials are issuing a winter spare the air alert for tomorrow here in the bay area. here's a live look outside right now. the alert maybes it illegal to use fireplaces, wood stoves or fire pits. weather conditions can trap unhealthy smoke near the ground. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us with what we can expect. >> it's been dry for two weeks now. the rain is going to return. it's not going to be cold though. you may have noted it the last couple of days. tomorrow morning not as cold as it has been. we've had freezing and below freezing temperatures for a while now.
5:19 pm
67degrees for the high today in morgan hill. 65 in napa. as we go through time you can watch this weather system. it's an interesting one. it doesn't -- it looks potent because there's a lot of moisture. it's a warm weather system but it's kind of spreading out. it's kind of splitting apart a little bit. so the dynamics with this storm are going to be less than the one that would come in in one piece and really whack us. so the events tomorrow are going to be relatively light. some folks maybe just trace amounts of rain. it's cold outside right now. cloudy in brentwood, cloudy in liver mother. the high temperatures today will be in the 60s. the high temperatures will be in the 50s. 56 at oakland, 57 in santa rosa. overnight lows tonight or when you get going tomorrow morning, wednesday morning not as cold as they have been. the rain gets here but it doesn't get here in the morning. looks like it's going to be more till after lunchtime kind of thing. accumulation, this is the model. it says it's going to be about
5:20 pm
.13 in napa. .08 in oakland. i wanted to point out the fact that these aren't one or two inch accumulation they're .07 or .08. i just don't see a lot of rain from this but it will create issues as you get into that afternoon commute. the computer model does this. here we are at midnight. the clouds moving in. here's the system. look how spread out it is. you see a little yellow here. there's stronger dynamics. your morning commute is dry. some showers start to show up around yucaia. now you start to see showers perhaps as far south as gernville and santa rosa. showers start in the north bay and then you see the bulk of this system starting to move in about 3:00. that's when we expect showers from 3:00 on that will have an impact on that afternoon compute. we will roll this model all the
5:21 pm
way through. we have the five day forecast that has more winter weather headed our way. we'll be back here in just a few minutes. >> thank you, bill. flames broke out at an east bay business. what investigators discovered that determines the fire was set intentionally. >> the back passenger started asking us if we were in gangs, what gang we were in and we told them we weren't. >> and after that, fourteen agers were shot apparently because of a pair of shoes. >> new at 6:00, shot at a b.a.r.t. station. >> just like that, he's not anything but a memory now. >> reporter: the reasons why friends say it must have been a case of mistaken identity. >> i know i have a back up at least. i hope everybody else does too. >> how a school plans plans to
5:22 pm
give out degrees in case the school closes. ?ñ
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in brentwood it's hard to imagine that four young people were shot apparently because of the type of shoes one of them was wearing. tara moriarty tells us what it was about this specific type of nikes the gunman didn't like. >> the bullet went in here, came out this side and hit me in the stomach right here. >> reporter: the boy describes the drive by shooting in front of his house last night. >> i saw the shine of the gun and then the gunshot. >> reporter: a man pulled up in a white four door sedan. >> they were asking us questions like do we bang. no, and my cousin had some cortezes. >> reporter: nike cortezs say what teams around here like to wear. witnesses say the gunman waved his weapon wildly. two of the bullets hitting the
5:25 pm
front of the house here. the boys ducked police say none of them were gang members. four of them were shot, the youngest 14. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: neighbors cannot believe violence came into their community. >> great neighborhood, brentwood is a great community and we're going to try our best to bring these people into custody and convict them. >> reporter: the suspect was white, in his early 20s and a buzz cut. the boys who neighbors describe like good kids say they just want to go back to high school and forget this. >> i'm just a regular kid. i never thought this was going to happen to me. >> reporter: in brentwood, tara moriarty. the san francisco medical examiner released the name of a
5:26 pm
pedestrian that was hit by two cars. police say 44-year-old melissa kitson of san lorenzo was crossing the street when she was hit. she worked as an accountant at the near by marketing firm called red bricks. both drivers remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators. investigators are calling an early morning fire at a fremont furniture store suspicious. the fire broke out just before 2:00 this morning at the factory furniture outlet. investigators say they found a device that may have started the fire right in the middle of showroom floor. the fire was quickly put out and no one was hurt. flames, smoke and water damaged the furniture in the showroom. investigators have not yet released any information about an arsonist or motive. microsoft announced today that it will release the professional version of its surface tablet on february 9. the surface prois similar to the original surface rt tablet that came out last october but the proversion will be able to
5:27 pm
run the whole suite of windows applications. the cheapest model will cost $899 that's higher than apple's top of the line i pad. analysts are estimates that apple will sell 2.5 million of them this year. work has begun on the bay area's biggest bumper repair. i'm tom vacar, that story still ahead. he started whole foods and just wrote a book, tonight the day after the inaugural i talk with john mckey about america's big problem.
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the time consuming work to repair a damaged fender on the bay bridge started today and we have a close up look at the
5:30 pm
project. an empty oil tanker hit the side of the bridge a month ago. tom vacar has the latest on the work. >> reporter: a large crane barge will work as the on-site headquarters on the fender system. >> the first thing is to start removing the damaged section of the barge system. >> reporter: the estimated repair cost will be the same as the cosco busan. this time as last time the ship's owners are responsible. >> the estimate is 3 million we hope to come under that. we'll know more as the work gets underway. >> reporter: repairs will take
5:31 pm
time. >> the contractor calls for 90 working tanks so that's monday through friday so that -pl cos -- so that calls for four weeks. >> reporter: the bridge will once again be ready for another glancing blow. as we learned the last time this happened, a direct hit would be quite a different matter. the fender system is not invincible: during the cosco buson a head on hit would certainly wipe out the fender system and seriously damage the tower causing loss of the use of the bridge. nonetheless-- >> you want to make sure that the fenders are up and running and providing as much protection as possible. >> reporter: and that's why caltranss will almost surely beat the contract deadline pretty significantly. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. police in the east bay city of pittsburgh made an arrest today in a double shooting that killed a 16-year-old boy and
5:32 pm
wounded another. a s.w.a.t. team moveed in and arrested the 23-year-old suspect around 9:30 this morning at his home in pittsburg. he's accused of shooting two teenagers just before eight o which -- just before 8:00 this morning following an altercation on eighth street. white house officials say president obama will sign a house republican bill for a temporary lift to the debt ceiling. the house is expected to approve legislation on wednesday that would raise the debt limit for three months without any cuts to spending. members of the congress believe they can come up with a spending plan during that window. honda of campbell also introduced legislation for a back up plan that would prevent the worse fiscal cliff. >> i think we should have a process that addresses that so that it doesn't become a barrier or a political
5:33 pm
football. >> the last time lawmakers fought over the debt ceiling two years ago the country's credit rating was downgraded. on wall street, stocks closed higher despite mixed earnings. president obama began the first day of his second term with a traditional postinaugural prayer service. the president and first lady were joined by vice president biden and his wife at the washington cathedral this morning. the national prayer service dates back to the first inauguration of george washington. the interfaith service included prayers and readings from christian denominations along
5:34 pm
with islam, judisim and the sikh religion. we're on whole foods where john mccee has been signing copies of his book. he told me he didn't even listen to the president's inaugural address. >> that's a win-win business model. >> reporter: john mackey. >> what we don't have in america and haven't had in a long time is leadership at the top that will unite all the different segments of america. >> reporter: a couple of miles away in the financial district. >> we're still in the same fiscal crisis, problems are going on that hasn't changed yet. there's a lot of rhetoric. >> i would like to think that there would be some changes but i guess that remains to be seen. >> reporter: on the streets an economic vibe. >> more people shopping, more people traveling, the airports
5:35 pm
are booked, the restaurants are books, the hotels are books. >> reporter: but people worry america is sinking deeper into debt. >> with all the oil and chinese how much do we owe? $30trillion that's bad. >> reporter: businesses succeed by creating value for customers and shareholders. >> government should be creating value for our over all society. right now it's spending trillion dollars in deficit that they don't have. so it's extracting value from this society. >> reporter: mackey says he's not running for office but that government leaders should help create a focus on a higher purpose to diminish the gridlock of partisan politics. reporting live in san francisco, health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of peoples and corporations helped pay the bill for president obama's
5:36 pm
inaugural festivities. they included bank of america, microsoft, fed ex, coca cola, blue cross and but shield. some owners had vip access to the parties and to the leaders that attended. some say that might give lobbyists an opportunity to get close to lawmakers. most of the cost was covered by owners. microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy dell. according to the wall street journal, microsoft would contribute $15 million to a buy out deal. that would make it a minor investor which is expected to cost $27 million if completed. texas based dell has been in buy out negotiations with two firmless. the computer company lost half
5:37 pm
of its value last year. up by 23%. what more and more children are being diagnosed with and why this is happening. >> and an announcement from one of the peninsula's biggest tech giants.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
>> a huge fire at beale air force base in sacramento has cost $10 million in damage. it broke out at the civil
5:40 pm
engineering squadron building yesterday afternoon. only one person was inside because of the holiday and that person escaped unharmed but the fire burned throughout the night and has essentially gutted the building. about 200 people in all work there and will now report to an alternate location. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. yahoo is reportedly trying to lure back some of its former employees. according to tech crunch yahoo recruiters recently sent out packages to exworkers from top executives to low level engineer. the package sings praises to the company under the new ceo. google saw a higher than
5:41 pm
expected profits last quarter. about $8.62 a share. google says it's revenue was just over $11.3 million. and coming up at 6:00 tonight it could be a big night for google. a big plan that's expected to bring before the city council and how it could signal a big change for the city that the tech giant calls home. a financially troubled central valley turkey plant could stay in hands of its long time owners. zacky farms filed for bankruptcy. but the zacky trust has now submitted the winning bid. the $31.6 million plant would allow workers to keep their job. a federal bankruptcy judge must still approve the sale. a just released study by -- researchers looked at
5:42 pm
children three to seven and they found that in 2001 they found 2.1% were diagnosed with adhd. but by 2010 that number has risen to 3.5%. doctors aren't sure why but some reasons may be better for health access and better reg in addition by parents. we'll tell you why the success of the harbaugh brothers is putting the spotlight on a different factor. and nearly two weeks without any rainfall. that's all changing around. here comes the next weather system, rain is under way. temperature changes and even a little snow in the mountains. i'll have all the details on what you can expect out here. >> shot at a b.a.r.t. station. >> just like that, he's nothing but a memory now. >> the reason his friend says
5:43 pm
it must have been a case of mistaken identity. >> i hope i have a back up at least and i hope everybody else does too. >> how an area college plans to give out degrees if they close. you can't move the tv there.
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>> you may have heard the term har-bowl or bro-bowl because the two coaches are brothers. >> reporter: much is said about the role, practice. but there might not be anything about the dynamics of brothers. >> reporter: serena and venus
5:46 pm
are rivals but best friends. peyton and eli get along well, and now the harbaugh brothers. >> my fastest race is worse against him. like the 200 meters we both pred racing against each other. >> reporter: there's no play book for parents. >> all of them need to be first place. >> reporter: but remmington says sibling rivalry can have an opposite effect. >> it can be a double edge sword because it can be hard. >> but for the richardsons and scores of sibling family ties always trump championship rings. >> whoever won, we both feel good because one of us won. >> reporter: the harbaughs
5:47 pm
always wish each other luck, as did the manning brothers and they meant it, we'll, we think. >> reporter: live in oakland, patti lee. >> and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage leading up to super bowl xlvii. we're following the team as they prepare for their game in new orleans. plus you will find updates on as well as on our mobile app for your cell phone. the sounds of earth movers filled the oakland coliseum getting ready for the big supercross race going on this weekend. crews today unloaded 500 truckloads of dirt in the ballpark. all that dirt will be used to build the track for the monster energy ama supercross race. this is the third year the evident has been held at the coliseum and promoters actually keep the dirt stored on the facility grounds all year. the race is set to begin friday
5:48 pm
night at 7:00. tomorrow pennsylvania congresswoman spiers will question u.s. air force brass about sexual abuse. >> when you're more apt to be assaulted by someone in the military than the enemy we have a big problem. >> reporter: army officials in san antonio texas are accused of raping female soldiers. >> if they need to fix the system they need to speak to us because we know. we were hurt by it. >> reporter: military social assault victims armed with boxes of petitions stormed congress. they are angry that officials were questioning air force
5:49 pm
officials behind closed doors. a young man who testified at the trial of jerry sandusky has now filed a lawsuit. the man called victim six in court papers filed the suit today and against the charity he started and the university. according to the papers, victim six claims sandusky's behavior was ratified by the charity and penn state. he's seeking at least $75,000 in damages. first marin county now san mateo is holding a gun buy back event. the event is scheduled for saturday at the san mateo event center. one hundred dollars already given out for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. pg & e announced a new gadget. it's a hand held laser scanner that measures the depth of corrosion on the outside of
5:50 pm
pipes. the traditional method involved hand measuring. small reflective dots are placed on the pipe that shows reflective views that shows any damage. this laser scanner is both faster and more reliability. we've had a few weeks off from the rain but it looks like it's on its way back into the bay area. >> i think it'll have an impact on tomorrow's commute. it's not a lot of the rain but it's rain after a long time with no rain. we're still okay. we're losing that edge when we were 150% of average. the system comeing in isn't going to deliver a ton of rain but it will moisten the atmosphere and it will add a little bit to the buckets. see how it's coming from the south. it means it's going to be mild. tomorrow will be the first impacted weather thing. when you wake up tomorrow morning instead of 28 degrees or 29 degrees you're going to be 34, 35 degrees in the cold
5:51 pm
spots. a little warmer tomorrow because of the cloud cover we have out there right now. highs during the day in the 50s. the forecast overnight low and 40 in napa, 49 in santa rosa, you'll find your mid-30s out there and you may even find patically fog. temperatures significantly warmer than they have been. tomorrow morning not as cold. that's a big change because it has been cold around here a lot in the early morning hours. showers develop in the afternoon tomorrow. after 3:00 or 4:00. as we move in closer we see the weather system come in. it's kind of splitting around i showed you that. rainfall accumulation .05 to half an inch for most of us. 11:00 tomorrow morning, you can see it's not here yet. 4:00 tomorrow morning, the model says it's not here. the atmosphere is super moist and there are some dynamics. i wouldn't be surprised by 4:00, 6:00 some activity. you go to 8:00 and it looks like it's starting to rain.
5:52 pm
so 7:00, 8:00 hour stronger dynamics that's just the lift in the atmosphere will hook up here that will give us a chance for more showers. that's how it looks right now. tonight at 10:00 i have the updated model that might change a little bit. 10:00 tomorrow night, widely scattered showers, we go overnight the clouds are there. 6:00a.m., the morning commute is dry or should be dry at this point. maybe a few sprinkles. tomorrow afternoon just clouds. as you get into your friday, more showers to the north but that's it. so forecast highs tomorrow like i say, despite the clouds and the showers in the afternoon. there's still pretty warm. the upper 50s, low 60s. five day forecast with your bay area weekends in view, scattered showers tomorrow. a slight chance as we head toward the bay area weekend looks like something else is coming in. right now the models haven't resolved it. >> at least it's not going to be as cold as it has been. >> thanks bill. up next it turns out one of
5:53 pm
the key performances at the presidential nomination may have been lipsyncked. and a new type of heads up people in marin county may have seen.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the price of mailing a letter or postcard is about to go up. the u.s. postal service is boosting the price of a stamp by a penny to 46-cents for a letter and 33-cents for a postcard. however if you've already
5:56 pm
bought those so called forever stamps, you won't have to worry here. they will still work. the price change takes effect next sunday, the last postal price increase was a year ago this week. the next time an emergency strikes, marin county residents may be contacted by a new state of the art system. the marin county services today released an update to its notification system. it will deliver notifications by cell phone, text, voice or e- mail. thousands of alerts can be sent in an hour. >> we can send out approximately 10,000 phone calls per hour. that's proximate. it depends on a lot of different factors. >> the new system goes into effect on saturday. residents who would like to receive the new notifications can sign up online. according to a new report
5:57 pm
apple's ios is also leading in japan. however the report found the android led in other key world markets including england, china and spain. 1/3 of all cell phones purchased in december were for gifts but the iphone 4s and android being the most popular devices. arnold schwarzenegger says he is still in love with his estranged wife. despite their separation, they spent the christmas holiday together with their children. shriver filed for divorce after learning that schwarzenegger fathered a child with the family's housekeeper. so was it live or was it lipsyncked? that's the question about
5:58 pm
beynce's rendition. the marine corp. band is backing off their announcement that beyonce lipsyncked. >> coming up in two minutes why some residents say they welcome the police response and others say that more needs to be done. and new add 6:00, google is grouping. the first look at the newest home for one of silican valley's largest employers.
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